Futures of Education
for Industry 4.0 & Beyond

A Hong Kong's response to the UNESCO's initiative

About the Forum

UNESCO launched the Futures of Education initiative in September 2019 and is inviting people all over the world to submit their thoughts on the impact upon education by the advance of technology and ideas of required reforms for students to live and thrive in the future world.

The Forum is Hong Kong’s response to the UNESCO’s initiative to enable sharing of ideas, among our expert presenters and the participants consisting of leaders from the education sector, the business sector and the community at large.


Pre-event Survey

The survey was conducted in May 2020. It invited students, parents, policy makers, as well as stakeholders from the education, business and technology sectors from Hong Kong to participate. The online questionnaire surveyed over 540 respondents aged 16 and above

Guest Speakers

Prof. Anthony Cheung, GBS, JP

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Peter Mok

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Maggie Koong, BBS, JP


Dr. Simon Shen


Mr. Victor Kwok


Mr. Arnett Edwards


Mr. Tommie Lo


Mr. Dennis Shi


Mr. Spencer Leung


Dr. Vincent Lee

Pre-forum Survey Results

Prof. Samuel Leong


Ms. Donna Buckland


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