Futures of Education Hong Kong & GBA Forum 2022
This year, the theme is "The crossroads of education & future of work in the post-pandemic era", where we focus on the impact of education on the workforce, and the opportunities and challenges for organizations to build the skills and capabilities needed for today and tomorrow, and future-proofing our education systems for us to navigate and manage the complex and uncertain future.
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8th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration
The 8th Peacemakers’ Cultural Celebration – 2021 has been completely virtualised, bringing peacemakers across geographical boundaries together, featuring nine actions for peace programmes of cultural, educational, interactive, creative and competition activities, all conducted virtually.
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ICH for Peace
While fragile, intangible cultural heritage is an important factor in maintaining cultural diversity in the face of growing globalization. An understanding of the intangible cultural heritage of different communities helps with intercultural dialogue, and encourages mutual respect for other ways of life. Find out more about our work on preserving intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong.
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Ongoing Programmes

Futures of Education Forum 2022

Response To UNESCO’s Global Initiative To Reimagine How Knowledge And Learning Can Shape The Future Of Humanity And The Planet

Volunteer for Peace

Unique opportunity for students to take part in a three-part course to learn positive peace, develop leadership skills and learn skillsets to flourish in the “new normal”

Internship Programme

Taking part in internship programme of UNESCO HK GPC not only can gain valuable working experience, but also help promote peace in our community

8th Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration

Participants to become proactive and visionary contributors to a more just, peaceful, tolerant and sustainable world

ICH for Peace

Intangible cultural heritage preservation

Peace School

Nurture positive values for peacebuilding in the minds of children and young people