Programmes & Events

For years UNESCO HK GPC has been initiating and organising community projects to promote peace, education, diversity and sustainable development of our lovely city. We proudly present these programmes and events to you. Do not hesitate to join us today!

Our project series

Futures of Education Forum

“Futures of Education“ is UNESCO’s global initiative to re-imagine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet. Though collective intelligence is reflected in the recent Commission’s global report and other knowledge products, inputs from individuals, networks and organisations do matter to this initiative. We need to think together in order to act together to shape the futures we hope for.

Peacemakers' Cultural Celebration

The Peacemakers ‘ Cultural Celebration is an annual event to promote UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focusing on PEACE. It serves as a platform for community- based activities for intercultural dialogues, celebrates local cultural diversity, and offers an opportunity for building peace and harmony in the community.

ICH for Peace

In the face of growing globalisation, intangible cultural heritage (ICH) has remained vital in transmitting traditions and living expressions from one generation to the next. An understanding of the living ICH of different communities helps enhance intercultural dialogue and mutual respect for others’ way of life. Find out more about our work in preserving intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong.

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