Education transforms lives

With accelerated climate change, the fragility of our planet is becoming more apparent. Persistent inequalities, social fragmentation, and political extremism are bringing many societies to the brink of crisis. Advances in digital communication, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology also bring about ethical and governance issues. Knowledge and learning help us cope with many of the challenges in this changing world. Indeed, education is a means to transform the world.

What do we do

Peace education is one of the means to the ultimate goal of achieving Peace by "building peace in the minds of men and women". We are holding an annual event: Futures of Education Forum at which participants share their ideas about the impact of technological advancement on the future of education.

The Forum is Hong Kong’s response to the UNESCO’s initiative to enable sharing of ideas, among our expert presenters and the participants consisting of leaders from the education sector, the business sector and the community at large.

Our Programmes on Education

Futures of Education Forum

ICH for Peace

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