Peace & SDGs

UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Centre (GPC) pursues four principles: Peace, education, diversity and sustainable development. Each principle is unique but interdependent. The key concepts of each pillar are laid out as below. Please take your time to have a look!


The five aspects of peace is suggested by the UNESCO Hong Kong Association ‘Peace Project’ in 2012, including individual, cultural, social, ecological and political peace. We wish to provide a new and insightful angle in understanding peace. Promoting the five aspects of peace is our vision and achieving them is the goal of mankind. In our day-to-day life, we must hold onto principles and beliefs that peace can only be founded upon partnership. GPC is a place full of peacemakers who always uphold this concept of peace by preserving harmony and unity.


With accelerated climate change, the fragility of our planet is becoming more apparent. Persistent inequalities, social fragmentation, and political extremism are bringing many societies to the brink of crisis. Peace education does more than responding to a changing world. It can transform the world. Peace education is undoubtedly one way to realise peace goals by “building peace in the minds of men and women”. in light of this, we have organised an annual programme, Futures of Education Forum, which  invites people from all over the world to submit their thoughts on the impact upon education through technological advancement and necessary reforms for students to live and thrive in the future. 


Diversity is defined as embracing people with different cultural, economic and political backgrounds and respecting the uniqueness of individuals. Promoting rational discussion and accepting people with different backgrounds is UNESCO HK GPC’s first step taken to achieve diversity.


The goal of sustainable development is to strike a balance between the needs of the environment, society and economy in order to maintain a quality standard of life for both present and future generations.

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