UNESCO (Paris Headquarter)

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, a specialized agency formed on 16th November 1945 with headquarters in Paris. It has 195 member states, and 9 associate members.

UNESCO’s urgent imperative is to buttress global peace by fostering intercultural dialogues, eradicating poverty, cultivating sustainable development through education, the sciences, culture and information. Other priorities include addressing emerging social and ethical challenges, building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication, lifelong learning and attaining quality education for all.

Projects sponsored by UNESCO include literacy, technical, and teacher-training programs, international science programs, the promotion of independent media and freedom of the press, regional and cultural history projects, the promotion of cultural diversity, translations of world literature, international cooperation agreements to secure the world cultural and natural heritage (World Heritage Sites), to preserve human rights, and attempts to bridge the worldwide digital divide.

UNESCO is also a member of the United Nations Development Group. It is often known as the “intellectual” agency of the United Nations, because its primary task is to awaken men’s creative intelligence that to achieve peace and sustainable development, people must rely on the power of intelligence to innovate, expand their horizons and sustain the hope of new humanism.

Read more on: unesco.org

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